Growmore is a modular Construction kit for urban gardeners

Planting boxes could be bolted together to create miniature farms and gardens, with this very simple building system invented by Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum. The duo, who conduct a studio named Husum & Lindholm Architects, wish to make it simple for anybody to build their very own three-dimensional garden — thus developed […]

Designing a Winter Landscape

As you plan, consider how garden design and your crops will appear during the stages of winter in the event that you are living in a climate with a long period. By planting bloomers and overdue hangers-on, you can make garden interest during two-thirds of a winter season. For example, witch hazel will flower really […]

Selecting Plants to the Winter Garden

Designing a backyard for pleasure necessitates consideration of blossoms’ colors and textures from season to season. “The tradition at older school gardening has been to perform a late fall clearing, but now people are recognizing that in case you choose well, the garden seems great through winter months, so that they wait and do a […]

Winter Garden Design: Plants for a Four-Season Landscape

By embracing the beauty of the winter landscape improve your backyard. Winter can be a season in the backyard, however a winter garden offers beauty–and having one may encourage you to package up and get some fresh air. Lots of crops seem spectacular in winter, particularly if they’re coated with a coating of snow once […]

Fantastic and Creative DIY Herb Gardens for Indoors and Outdoors

Irrespective of whether You’ve Got a backyard, a garden or no backyard at There should be no justification for not raising your own herbs. They are quite simple to keep and there is nothing better than choosing on out your own fresh herbs that are very direct in your home. You may create a garden […]

Wall Hanging Myths We Are Delighted to Have Busted

The Way to Install a Wall Mount In regards to installing a wall mounted hanging–make it a work of art, a shower curtain pub, a knife grabber, or a large, hefty mirror–there are several unspoken rules about what’s going to hold and what will not that it can be intimidating to even move forward. (Pan […]

How to Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home – Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Design Tips

Wall-to-wall carpets can look, well, frightening. It brings to mind the texture underfoot on basement rec area or your youth bedroom. But do not write it off. “I love the luxury of wall-to-wall covering and the simplicity of a single finish,” says Miriam Fanning, the creator of Australian company Mim Design. In actuality, sometimes she […]

Hell is a Box of Begonias

Creating good-looking window boxes was no easy accomplishment for Rachel Household, that, following weeks of trial and error, can eventually confess to a profound dislike of begonias Last winter I decided to plant up a few and they went. Pansies and tiny daffs. Significant success… though I was amazed how often they had watering. When […]

Garden Ideas – Why Winter?

Stephen Anderton looks at exactly what this year’s great for! Gardeners shouldn’t be miserable at the idea of winter. Be miserable at the idea of the lousy summertime of past year if you may, but maybe not through winter. Winter might be less active than summerfor us anglers, however there’s so much happening, visibly and […]