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Seen the 9th International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire he discovered that an incredible range of modern garden designs to invigorate the mind and the perceptions

The International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire has a reputation as being a stage for modern garden design. Within an attractive website from the grounds of this Ch�teau, artists from all Around the World create Annually over 30 gardens. A subject is, but this year the organizers have left it open: ‘Libre’. The Chaumont Festival opens until October, therefore, unlike British displays, audiences are infrequent and the gardens need to endure the test of time.
In the Majority of those Chaumont gardens, plants Aren’t center stage, and there are some gardens with almost no crops in Any Way. The pool stands within an parterre of coloured gravels sprinkled with incongruities and box chunks.
‘Bones and Pumpkins’ is a officially laid out area containing a rectangle Full of large animal bones separated from a mattress of pumpkins and nasturtiums by white paving. Made by West 8, that have been included in the landscaping of Schipol airport, the backyard pleases and also both shocks.

Over of the gardens Utilize water. ‘Ivre de la Jungle’ is a water garden designed using a snake and an elephant which sprays a seat that can drench the unsuspecting and the people. ‘Automates’ is a collection of plain water driven scenes of French provincial life. In “The Observatory’ by British performers Philip Brown and Martin Lonsdale, the entry floor is suspended within a pool out of which increase clouds of steam.
Chaumont is unashamedly a backyard festival to the brain in Addition to the senses. The Majority of the gardens are striking but they are supposed also to stimulate thought and to have meaning. ‘L’archipel’ is Meant to portray the state of catastrophe in Japan and expect for its future. In ‘Mente la Menta’, a pool at its centre reflects the emptiness of the future and steel’s structures indicate the complexities of the world.

This may be Indigestible On the other hand We can do with some thoughts within our gardening planet.