Winter Garden Design: Plants for a Four-Season Landscape

259 Best Planting Design Images On Pinterest Winter Garden Design: Plants for a FourSeason Landscape

By embracing the beauty of the winter landscape improve your backyard.

Winter can be a season in the backyard, however a winter garden offers beauty–and having one may encourage you to package up and get some fresh air. Lots of crops seem spectacular in winter, particularly if they’re coated with a coating of snow once they shed their foliage.

You do not need to obey a pair of guidelines that are complicated to make a backyard; as you pick your garden crops you should simply consider winter beauty. Benjamin Carroll, senior horticulturalist for Sansho-En, the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Japanese garden, states winter blossoms have a long history in different areas of earth, and they are gaining popularity here–even in his famously chilly hometown. “I’m from Chicago, and growing up as a gardener here, you hardly ever put the words ‘chilly’ and ‘backyard’ in the same sentence,” Carroll says. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden and Anglesey Abbey both have gardens designed to be at their peak during winter,” he states. “Here at the Chicago Botanic Garden, the Evening Island garden and the Japanese garden, Sansho-En, look great through the winter months.”

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